One day hackathon to make applications for education.

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$475 in prizes

Google Home (5)

Android Plushies (5)

Water Bottles (5)

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Mike Wu

Mike Wu
Professor at SJSU

Maggie Wang

Maggie Wang
Software engineer / Google

Cindy Le

Cindy Le
Software Engineer / Google

Deep Mitra

Deep Mitra
Software Engineer / Google

Judging Criteria

  • Fit
    Does the product address the prompt?
  • Innovation
    Does the product introduce a new approach or perspective, technical, analytical, or visual?
  • Function
    Does the product function as intended? Is it robust and easy to interact with?
  • Maintainability
    Can the product be easily expanded and maintained in the future?
  • Presentation
    How well could judges a) Understand the intended functionality b) see the functionality as expected

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